RCIA Cross Journey of Faith 

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Experience God’s Love through a Journey of Faith

The “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” known as “RCIA”  has been established for those who want to become Catholic, have been baptized Catholic but have not been fully initiated or simply are coming from a different denomination of Christianity who want to convert to Catholicism. Whatever your reason or situation, we are here to assist with this process.

The RCIA journey allows each individual to develop a spiritual and prayerful life within the Catholic faith. Through this journey each individual experiences an in depth understanding of who God is and how to fully experience His unconditional love in our daily lives through the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.

Our Program…

Is provided in a friendly and comfortable environment. It is not classroom based and there are no homework assignments. We do not charge for this program This is done as an act of kindness and a way of promoting the Catholic faith. The program typically takes about a year to complete for those who are unbaptized and less for those who are already baptized into the Christian faith.

 The Process…Catechumenate Process

There are 4 phases that are associated with the program as depicted in the illustration.

Next Steps…

How do I start the process?

The process is easy and is accomplished around your time schedule. A short meeting will be scheduled with our RCIA Coordinator. To schedule a meeting you should click on Contact Us and fill in your information. Alternately you can email jlimeri @aol.com or call the Parish House at 718-984-0593.